SpeedyAds - Best Google Adwords Alternative

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Finally it’s here. A brand new way of doing keyword advertising with a search engine.
We are proud to introduce the first ever Flat Fee Keyword Advertising solution.
Basically it means you purchase a keyword/phrase, just as you do with Google Adwords.
But with the big difference that you do not pay per click.
You pay only $3 per keyword and month, regardless the amount of clicks you receive.
You can purchase any keywords you wish and have any ads shown for these keywords.
If you are interested in this, please fill out the form below, and we’ll setup your campaign asap.

You will always be contacted and we will verify your order before we do anything.
When we have confirmed the order you will get a payment link and we will activate your campaign.

* The campaign is active for 30 days and there are no recurring payment. This is a one-time payment only.