SpeedyAds - Best Google Adwords Alternative


How Much does it cost ?

All keywords are priced the same. You only pay for the keywords you choose and the cost per keyword is $3 per 30 day period.

How does it work?

We will make an exact match on the query and primarily show the one that has bought the keyword/phrase.
Second, if we can’t make an exact match we will broaden the query gradually.
This means that if you would like to guarantee that your ads are showing for a specific keyword/phrase we would recommend you to buy the specific keyword.

How much traffic do i get?

The amount of traffic you get depends primarily of which keywords you are buying.

We can not give you an estimate of this right now.

Can I edit my ads/keywords during my campaign period?

Yes, you can edit your ad(s) by contacting us and we will make the changes.

The keywords are active during the whole campaign-period and you can choose to not renew all keywords or just some.